Neville Coleman’s Marine Life Identification Guide

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Neville Coleman, the authority on Asia and the Indo-Pacific region’s aquatic life, brings you his very own iPhone app, an electronic field guide. As a man who discovered over 450 species for science, expectations for the guide are high. Naturally, they’re met.

 Coleman brings to your palm over 1700 species, broken down and colour coded for easy comprehension into 16 major life groups. Each of these species has its own detailed page, and can even be compared side by side with each other. You even get to keep your own log.

The intuitive interface streamlines navigation, the photography is breathtaking, and the information is extensive. The app essentially places 1700 species of marine life at your fingertips.

  • The eGuide features 1700 species with over 2000 stunning visual identification images
  • Includes 16 major Marine Life Groups from Algae to Marine Mammals
  • Each Phylum with its Classes has a natural history page with Features; Lifestyle; Reproduction; Associations and Identifications.
  • Colour coded Main Menu allows instant access to the different groups
  • Species within each group arranged in alphabetical order
  • Each image represented by a caption, which includes Family Genus, Species and Common name, Habitat, Size, Location, Distribution and Remarks
  • Quick Search function based on Genus, species and Common name search. A simple and intuitive interface that puts all the information at your fingertips
  • My List – Log Function with Species, Location, Date and Notes enables the diver to use this for daily Dive records, Fauna surveys, species notes, natural history observations and in conjunction with Neville Coleman’s Project AWARE Underwater Naturalist Course
    Compatible with:
    iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires  iOS 3.0 or later


Dive Medic Technician Course in Thailand

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DMTs serve at the critical first step in the diving medicine chain, caring for injured divers on the scene and acting as tenders in the hyperbaric chamber.
Many of the participants in these programs are diving safety officers with dive teams or tenders associated with hyperbaric chambers, but a good number of them are also dive professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of dive medicine so they can better tend to the divers in their care.

Responsibility of a DMT

DMTs Diver Medical Technicians provide an alternative to presence of qualified hyperbaric physicians at every dive site who can respond to emergency medical situations and communicate effectively with a physician located remotely.
They also provide emergency care and basic life support in the field while stabilizing injured divers. They report accidents and treatment to medical authorities and perform tasks and give aid as directed by proper authorities.
DMTs also encourage fitness in diving community and keep accurate, informative records, such and neurological assessments and histories of divers in their care, where appropriate.

This DMT course in Thailand offers lectures presented by internationally known faculty, hands-on practical skills, and the experience gained through 14 hours of clinical time.
Lecture topics include: the Role and Responsibilities of the DMT; Review of Gas Laws; Nitrogen Narcosis, O2 Toxicity; the Ears & Sinuses; Otoscope Use; Decompression Sickness (DCS) and much more.

Program Certification
The National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology has certified the DMT course as a Module 16 program.
Each course at Blue Label Diving is limited to 6 persons.

COURSE PRICE: 45,000 THB ( US$ 1500)

The Diving Medical Technician program includes skill training in all of current training programs. Candidates will receive additional skill training in otoscope use, neurological surveys, detailed physical exams and invasive skills.

For more information contact or visit


How to Take a Manta Identification Photo

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By Guy Stevens

In addition to their unique personalities, every manta ray has its own pattern of spots on its belly, or ventral surface. These spot patterns can be used to identify individual manta rays much in the same way fingerprints can be used to identify humans.

By cataloguing photo IDs of manta rays, we can develop a better understanding of how large the local population is, and how its individuals are utilizing certain sites in the area and travelling throughout the region.

A photograph of the ventral surface is the most important, as it reveals the individual’s identity, and also shows the sex of the animal, which can be used to calculate proportions of males and females in the population. The best photo ID captures the entire underside of the manta, but sometimes manta encounters can be short, so it’s important to photograph the most indicative portion of the animal in a pinch. The area between the gill slits and the lower belly is the most critical for identification, while the rest of the ventral surface can be useful if two individuals have similar patterns.

Don’t Forget the Top!


Hopefully your manta encounters will last more than a few short minutes. If you have the opportunity to spend more time with a manta, taking photos of the animal’s top, or dorsal side, and profile shots of the manta can also be extremely useful.

Mating Scars: During mating, males bite down on a female’s left pectoral fin in order to manoeuvre (remember, these animals don’t have opposable thumbs, fingers, or even arms!). This rubs off the skin on the female’s fin and leaves a scar which can show when a female has reached sexual maturity, and how often it has been mating.


Pregnancies: By keeping track of pregnant females, we can tell when and how often certain individuals are pregnant, estimate how many babies are being born each year, and track any trends in pregnancies for the population as a whole. If you think you see a pregnant female, make sure you get the profile shot to prove it!    


Reef Fishes of the Maldives

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‘Reef Fishes of the Maldives’ is both an encyclopaedia and a love letter to the defining aspect of Maldive’s natural beauty, its reefs. Author Dr. Charles Anderson obviously loves what he has seen here, and he has collaborated with some of the biggest authorities on the Maldivian seas to craft a definitive work.

The intimate knowledge of the reefs shine through in the content. Broken down into 64 categories, the reef fishes of the Maldives are arranged in a display of some of the warmest underwater photography. The details are meticulous; information on average size, an idea of general behaviour, biology, rarity, and habitat are provided in addition to the anecdotes both historical and personal.

The text is bite-sized and easy to digest, making for an easy read. The uniformity of the structure and layout make the book ideal for carrying around to consult on the fly, while the integrity of the content ensures the volume’s status as reference material.

Ultimately Reef Fishes’s dual nature as both reference material and coffee table book make it easy to recommend. The text is informative and insightful, while the photos are taken with a familiarity, making one aware of the living, breathing nature of the world below the surface of Maldivian seas.


Maldives Finder 2011

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Maldives Finder 2011 is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive publication on the Maldives’ tourism industry. It is a celebration of the Maldives brand, and an informative guide to the destination. With academic and in-depth articles, the publication is a rich source of information on this unique tourism destination.

With vivid, award-wining illustrations and photos on the natural environment and the way of life of the people, it is also a coffee table book for aspiring holidaymakers to the Maldives and tour operators alike. As the official publication of the country’s only umbrella association of travel agents and tour operators, MATATO, it is also a vital inclusion into the marketing kit of products and services entrepreneurs in the industry.

Maldives Finder 2011 will be launched in time for the March Berlin ITB, and be a key publication for free circulation at every important travel, tourism and hospitality fair throughout the year.

Squid Media is keen on providing, through this unique international publication, a platform for Maldives’ tourism partners and complementary corporates to promote their products, service and interests.

Click on the image to view the online version


Maldives Promotion House…the online Maldivian travel lifestyle experience

In Aqua, Atoll, Diving, Dreams, Maldives, Photography, SCUBA, Underwater on August 8, 2011 by atollscuba is an online Maldivian travel lifestyle experience, updated to the minute, while guiding tourists to the paradise islands of Maldives. is officially the website of Maldives Promotion House Private Limited, a company operated in the purpose of promoting Maldives by assisting and inspiring travelers to explore Maldives in style. Our mission is to promote Maldives as the best destination on the earth.


Aqua Lung dive equipment for Atoll Scuba

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Atoll Scuba will be using Aqua Lung dive equipment for the dive operation onboard the ‘Ark Venture’. Aqua Lung dealer in the Maldives, Dive Gear, has been very supportive to us in providing the equipments. They are also the dealers for Cressi, IST, Saekodive, Underwater Kinetics, Ikelite, Apeks and many more brands to the Maldives. Please visit their website at for more information.