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Reef Fishes of the Maldives

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‘Reef Fishes of the Maldives’ is both an encyclopaedia and a love letter to the defining aspect of Maldive’s natural beauty, its reefs. Author Dr. Charles Anderson obviously loves what he has seen here, and he has collaborated with some of the biggest authorities on the Maldivian seas to craft a definitive work.

The intimate knowledge of the reefs shine through in the content. Broken down into 64 categories, the reef fishes of the Maldives are arranged in a display of some of the warmest underwater photography. The details are meticulous; information on average size, an idea of general behaviour, biology, rarity, and habitat are provided in addition to the anecdotes both historical and personal.

The text is bite-sized and easy to digest, making for an easy read. The uniformity of the structure and layout make the book ideal for carrying around to consult on the fly, while the integrity of the content ensures the volume’s status as reference material.

Ultimately Reef Fishes’s dual nature as both reference material and coffee table book make it easy to recommend. The text is informative and insightful, while the photos are taken with a familiarity, making one aware of the living, breathing nature of the world below the surface of Maldivian seas.



Maldives Finder 2011

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Maldives Finder 2011 is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive publication on the Maldives’ tourism industry. It is a celebration of the Maldives brand, and an informative guide to the destination. With academic and in-depth articles, the publication is a rich source of information on this unique tourism destination.

With vivid, award-wining illustrations and photos on the natural environment and the way of life of the people, it is also a coffee table book for aspiring holidaymakers to the Maldives and tour operators alike. As the official publication of the country’s only umbrella association of travel agents and tour operators, MATATO, it is also a vital inclusion into the marketing kit of products and services entrepreneurs in the industry.

Maldives Finder 2011 will be launched in time for the March Berlin ITB, and be a key publication for free circulation at every important travel, tourism and hospitality fair throughout the year.

Squid Media is keen on providing, through this unique international publication, a platform for Maldives’ tourism partners and complementary corporates to promote their products, service and interests.

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Maldives Promotion House…the online Maldivian travel lifestyle experience

In Aqua,Atoll,Diving,Dreams,Maldives,Photography,SCUBA,Underwater on August 8, 2011 by atollscuba is an online Maldivian travel lifestyle experience, updated to the minute, while guiding tourists to the paradise islands of Maldives. is officially the website of Maldives Promotion House Private Limited, a company operated in the purpose of promoting Maldives by assisting and inspiring travelers to explore Maldives in style. Our mission is to promote Maldives as the best destination on the earth.


Aqua Lung dive equipment for Atoll Scuba

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Atoll Scuba will be using Aqua Lung dive equipment for the dive operation onboard the ‘Ark Venture’. Aqua Lung dealer in the Maldives, Dive Gear, has been very supportive to us in providing the equipments. They are also the dealers for Cressi, IST, Saekodive, Underwater Kinetics, Ikelite, Apeks and many more brands to the Maldives. Please visit their website at for more information.


Baa Atoll, Maldives – A UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

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By Guy Stevens

Last month at the 40th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO’s) ‘Man and the Biosphere Program’ in Dresden, Germany the entirety of Baa Atoll in the Republic of Maldives was declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.  World Biosphere Reserves are places where conservation, research and development successfully interconnect. They integrate biological and cultural diversity, combining core protected areas with zones where sustainable development – and innovative approaches to it – are fostered, tested and developed by locals and enterprises alike.  Baa Atoll joins an illustrious list of international Biosphere Reserves including: The Galapagos Islands, Ayer’s Rock in Australia, the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, the Niagara escarpment in Canada, the Sundarbans of India, and the Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

Critically Endangered Mountain Gorillas in the World Biosphere Reserve in the Volcans National Park, Rwanda

Baa Atoll is one of the Republic of Maldives’ 26 geographical atolls, covering an area of 1,200km² it contains some of the richest coral reef systems in the world, which literally and metaphorically support the local communities and a thriving tourism industry. UNESCO recognizes Baa Atoll’s “great potential for demonstrating sustainable development throughout the Maldives and the region, while relying on a green economy.”  The jewel in the biological crown of Baa Atoll is a tiny bay called Hanifaru, where seasonal gatherings of manta rays and whale sharks have made this site world famous in recent years, attracting hordes tourists from across the globe to immerse themselves in the tropical waters amongst a feeding frenzy of these gentle giants.

For the last five years the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) and the Four Seasons Resort at Landaa Giraavaru in Baa Atoll have supported my research and conservation work through the Maldivian Manta Ray Project (MMRP).  I am therefore delighted at UNESCO’s announcement of World Biosphere Reserve status for Baa Atoll, especially as  Hanifaru is to become one of the reserves core protected areas.  This designation is the culmination of many years of hard work and planning by the Maldivian Government, whom I have been working closely with for the last four years, pushing for greater protection of this special site.

With Hanifaru declared an official Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 2009, and now with the implementation of a site specific management plan for this core protected area, the future for Hanifaru Bay and its visitors looks promising.  However, this ecologically and economically important site exemplifies the current trend across the entire Maldivian Archipelago, where nature and tourism struggles to find an equilibrium; as economic growth and development threatens to undermine the natural foundations upon which this coral island nation so intrinsically depends. It is therefore extremely important that these titles of protective intent are translated into real conservation on site.

In a world which is driven by economics, it is simply not enough to say to governments, or local communities, that you should protect a species, or its habitat, simply for its intrinsic or scientific value alone.  Unfortunately we live in a world where the majority of people just do not have that luxury of choice to care, or the education to overcome the ignorance which leads to a lack of empathy.  The reality is that nature must pay for itself in a tangible and direct way. Those entrusted with its protection should not only be obliged by law to protect, they must also have the will and the desire to do so.

Mass Feeding event at Hanifaru Bay; Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Core Protected Area

This philosophy is at the heart of UNESCO’s World Biosphere Program, which is why I am confident that Hanifaru will become a place where manta rays, tourism and the local communities can, and should, all benefit from its existence.  Where the road to sustainable management is a real and effective path upon which the conservation of our oceans, and its resources, can travel for the future benefit of all, forever.

About the Author: Guy Stevens is the Founding Director of Maldivian Manta Ray Project. Guy has worked for the Four Seasons Resorts in the Maldives since 2003 as their Senior Marine Biologist. At the heart of Guy’s research is the Maldivian Manta Ray Project which has been undertaking ground breaking research on these spectacular marine giants for the last 4 years. Please visit MMRP website for more information:


Underwater Housings for Atoll Scuba / Squid Media…

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Underwater  housings for  Atoll Scuba / Squid Media’s DSLR camera’s are supplied by Underwater Visions, the exclusive UK distributor of the Nauticam underwater housings. Housings for our video cameras are supplied by Gates Underwater Housings.


Atoll Scuba!

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ADI is now known as Atoll Scuba. Atoll Scuba will be operating from Male’ as well as the brand new luxury liveaboard ‘Ark Venture’, which will be operational from October 2011. We will be providing world class diving to all divers from beginners till Technical divers. The underwater video and photography projects will still be handled and managed by Squid Media.  There will be a cameraman onboard the ‘Ark Venture’ 24/7 documenting the underwater beauty of the Maldives.

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